100% Approval Program

Currently available to Amherst Location Only –

Finally a REAL 100% Approval Program!

This 100% Approval Program is a vehicle lease whereas your will require full insurance (on vehicles $2000 and greater) as well as in many cases a down payment. When looking for a vehicle, you need to understand that your income, down payment amount and equity will all affect how lenders perceive you and what vehicle you will qualify for.  The staff at FMG Financial Inc understand how these as well as other factors can help or hurt you and use their expertise to ensure that you present as favorably as possible to potential lenders.

Using information gained from their secure and confidential online application, they will get a better understanding of how your credit got harmed and how to fix the problem and prevent it from happening again in the future.

“I went through a rough financial patch which caused me to have to file for bankruptcy,” said Doug, a previous customer.“FMG Financial Inc was one of the only companies that were able to help me acquire a vehicle to get back on my feet.”

For Amhest Nova Scotia residents looking for Bad credit / No Credit / Auto Leases, FMG Financial Inc can help you through the process. Call their local number at (902)-660-3660 or stop by and they’ll help you get started.

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