You are encouraged to use a co-signer, especially if you are just starting out or if sometimes it is a condition for your approval. Sometimes havine a co-signer can get you a better rate, a different unit or even a longer term. You do not however initially require to have one.

Our interest rates depend on many things such as your personal credit, the type of unit you are financing, the term and your current debt service ratio. Generally, our rates start at 3.99% and up. Once we have a completed application as well as a verified item to purchase we can then relay your approved interest rate.

Yes. While your vehicle is financed you will need full insurance coverage. This is protect both you and the lender should the unexpected happen.

No. If you do not accept or cannot comply with the terms you are under no obligation to continue with the process. The terms of the loan will be clearly explained in the contract and verbally explained before you enter the contract. All parties must agree to the terms before the process at anytime moves to next steps. Transparencyis something we believe in and it shows.

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